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Books authored or co-authored by John Psarouthakis

TTI-cover“The Technology Imperative” by John Psarouthakis; Published by Gavdos Press, 2012. If the 20th Century was the American Century, why does the 21st Century seem so daunting for America? If we are still the globe’s leading manufacturer (and we are), why does globalization terrify us? If the entire world sends its best and brightest to American graduate schools, why does our education system need reform? Why is the most affluent nation mired in a stagnant economy? Why do politicians of every stripe find maximum traction with empty chants of: “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”?
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“How to Acquire the Right Business” by John Psarouthakis and Lorraine Uhlaner; Published by Xlibris, 2009.This book covers the 14 key steps involved in the complex and demanding process of buying the right business. It includes the search, selection, evaluation, pricing, negotiation, closing and managing the start of the acquired business. Buy Now

“Elisabeth’s Gift” by John Psarouthakis, published by Xlibris, 2008. This book chronicles the story of John Psarouthakis raised by a wise, loving and caring lady called Elisabeth, who recognized his talent and developed in him the essential qualities of discipline and character that turned virtue into accomplishment. Even though she could not read or write, readers will find Elisabeth a uniquely wise woman whose guidance and influences created the foundations that helped the author overcome challenges and adversity in life and live up to changes as they happened. Right up to the last page this volume shows that change and opportunity can be dealt with wisely. In a touching, inspirational memoir, Psarouthakis looks back at his unforgettable journey and pays tribute to this extraordinary woman— his Aunt Elizabeth.
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Balancing in the Balkans” by Raymond Tanter and John Psarouthakis; St Martins, Press, 1999.The authors discuss the potential of using incentives to move leaders in the Balkan conflicts toward moderation, and toward peaceful political and economic progress.
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 “Dynamic Management of Growing Firms – A Strategic Approach” by Lorraine (Hendrickson) Uhlaner and John Psarouthakis; Univ. of Mich. Press, 1998.This book has its roots in the field of entrepreneurship but it straddles the fields of strategic management and organization effectiveness. It is the result of an extensive research effort and hands-on experience.
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 “Managing the Growing Firm” by Lorraine (Hendrickson) Uhlaner and John Psarouthakis; published by Prentice Hall, 1992. Growth and profitability are the goals of all firms, but growth must be actively managed or it will destroy the company. This book redefines and describes strategic planning and management for growth.
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“Better Makes Us Best” by John Psarouthakis; published by Productivity Press, October 1989.This timeless collection of down to earth strategies on workforce betterment was developed for internal use at JPIndustries, and published due to an overwhelming request for these materials.
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