First time in her modern history Greece has a Government of the Radical Left

drjohn11aDr. John Psarouthakis is the executive editor of The Business Thinker. For CV details click on

Ever since the communists in Greece lost the civil war way back in the late 1940’s, a significant % of the Greek population has been pushing for a radical left government. It seems that portion of the Greek people have not digested the fact that they lost not only militarily but also ideologically. They have a psychological need to be in power.

Radical socialism and communism have not worked out well anywhere. I suppose they have not kept up with the news. Even Russia and China have adopted / developed Free-Market capitalistic economies

Mr. Tsipras, with his radically leftist, SYRIZA, party, along with the right wing Independent Greeks party have formed a government. I hope for Greece that they do not show the world, once more, that those demagogic ideologies belong in history’s files of negative and distractive experiments.

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Learning Culture: A Workplace Environment for Success (Part Two)

S. GillDr. Stephen J. Gill– is a guest contributor. An Independent Consultant for Human Performance; He is co-founder of, a resource for creating and sustaining a learning culture in organizations. He publishes a blog at:

 What a learning culture looks like in action

A learning culture is a community of workers continuously and collectively seeking performance improvement through new knowledge, new skills, and new applications of knowledge and skills to achieve the goals of the organization. A learning culture is a culture of inquiry; an environment in which employees feel safe challenging the status quo and taking risks to enhance the quality of what they do for customers, themselves, and other stakeholders. A learning culture is an environment in which learning how to learn is valued and accepted. In a learning culture, the pursuit of learning is woven into the fabric of organizational life

You will know a learning culture is taking shape when you see:

  • Executives setting an example for risk-taking and learning from failure
  • Managers helping employees set learning goals, apply learning, and then support the learning through follow-up and feedback
  • Project leaders using action learning to help their teams learn and improve team performance
  • Everyone sharing information among departments and everyone learning from each other

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Dr. V. E. “Bill” Haloulakos  is an Aerospace Science Consultant/Professor,  AIAA National Distinguished Lecturer  Distinguished Engineering Educator Award Winner

From the the current daily news one would conclude that the Automobile Industry is the recall and design flaw remedy business instead of designing, producing and marketing new automobiles. Many millions, yes millions, of autos are being recalled be it because of faulty airbags, fuel lines, ignition switches and their likes. Especially the airbag issues have resulted in congressional committee hearings with heated exchanges between industry representatives and members of Congress.

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