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Lean Meetings = Lean Thinking

james-hudson-pictureJim Hudson is the founder of the Lean Expert Academy, previous partner in the Lean Leadership Institute with Jeff Liker (The Toyota Way) and Norm Bodek (Productivity Press Founder), and author of the soon to be released book, Lean 2.0: How to Dominate Your Industry Using Lea(R)n Thinking. For more details at the end of this article

One of the most impactful places you can affect as a Lean thinker, is the meeting. If you’re like me, you know that making small behavioral changes can go a long way toward shifting a person’s mindset. And because meetings touch almost every single professional in an office environment, you can have a major impact when you know how to reduce time spent in a meeting, using a small, easy-to-do pivoting shift. Here it is:

Before every meeting, have the organizer identity the exact high value adding activity that the collective group can accomplish by being together in that meeting. What will having these individuals come together, do for whatever the topic is that you are meeting around?


The basic meetings tools are still useful – an agenda, timed agenda items, meeting rules, etc. You can make major efficiency strides using those. But you will get your biggest gains with the single act of knowing what the high value add of the group is.

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