Knowledge Transfer Platform

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Hello Friends, Colleagues and Associates:

Since my retirement from managing companies and taught and lectured in schools here in the USA and Europe on topics of my experiences: Starting companies, Strategy, Sustainability of good performance, growth, Research and Development of New Products, Competitive positioning, etc. I realized that the level of knowledge needed for the above was available in Schools of Business, and in the minds of experienced executives. Finally, after I lectured on Business and Society, Technology and Society, and the University of the Future at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburg, Scotland I concluded that the level of knowledge needed to successfully develop an economy via the creation of new enterprises and keeping them grow could not come through only by Business Schools. But such knowledge could be made available at very low prices via the Internet. I began to think I should launch a platform to do so. Through a survey, a preliminary design of the relevant Platform and through comments I came to the design that I believe it can respond to the above need,

The web address of this platform is

John Psarouthakis, Ph,D,

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