Exceptional Leaders Invent the Future-some observations

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Exceptional leader-managers invent the future they don’t just forecast it. The Leader-Manager’s role requires a clear vision and ability to manage the process for the successful achievement of that vision. There is a constant need to challenge the status quo, but there is also the need to maintain a connection to the “next worthwhile goal”. The key and daring thing is to know when to let go of the past and present and move to the future. If we understand the industries and markets we operate in, perhaps we do not know the future, but our knowledge and experience should help us dare and design our strategy (ies) to move us forward to our “invented’ goals successfully.

We can go only so far ahead and still be able to remain connected to our customer base that we cannot afford to lose.

This brings up the importance of building a diverse team. Different people bring different skills. Rather than force everyone into a mold, integrate them together. This brings up challenges, at least within a defined management / business model. Turning to an  organization which itself is open to reinvention is an interesting model. However, this is more often proposed than put to practice. These days, the “future invented” must be an environmentally sustainable one, since one that is not does not belong to the future.

During my time as an executive and later as a Founder and CEO of a Fortune 500 industrial corporation, I’d get up in the morning with one thought in my mind: “Okay this will be a great day” but it did not used to happen as I hoped! But still a hope that is energetically alive kept me ready to do battle with the difficulties…but still I could not predict the future reliably..I could only invent it..I always had to think in positive ways for the right process…so I could at least reach some of our important invented goals…!

In the last several years development of chaos theory and “fuzzy” mathematics have had an effect in Management. It may be easy for a leader to work on and influence the primary or even secondary causes, but beyond that it becomes unstable. The tertiary causes are many and unpredictable. Therefore, to pinpoint the levers of influence that change the course of future is very hard. But having said that, it can be assumed that serendipity, eventually, pays off. Yes. But the key elements of timing and the process are still not controllable that forecasting the future becomes unreliable. But we can invent the future since invention is what we “know” it can be..

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  1. This is very true: “The key and daring thing is to know when to let go of the past and present and move to the future. ”

    Thanks for sharing this article with us.

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