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If you have a question, comment, opinion, idea, advertise or if you would like to submit a guest editorial or article please contact us using the form below.

Guidelines for editorials and article submissions:

  1. Guest editorials should be kept to approximately 300 words and may be submitted through this form. Guest editorials are published on this site at the sole discretion of the staff and/or editors of The Business Thinker.
  2. Articles should be specifically described but not submitted using this form.  We will contact you if we like your article idea.
  3. We do not pay for articles submissions at this time, but will include a brief bio and link to a site of the author’s choice in the article.
  4. We reserve the right to edit all submissions without prior approval of the author.
  5. For ordering a book or a Research Report please identify the item, your shipping address and your email address. We will inform you for the cost that includes shipping. If you place the order and include a check written to JP Management Center, LLc, we will ship you the item autographed.

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