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The Future of Retail is the End of Wholesale

doug-stephensBy DOUG STEPHENS

Mr. Stephens is a retail industry futurist and the founder of Retail Prophet. 5 FEBRUARY, 2015

Retail is facing a monumental problem that no one seems to want to talk about. It’s that the entire economic model of revenue and profitability for retailers and the suppliers they do business with is collapsing under its own weight and soon will no longer function.

Part of the problem stems from the continued pervasiveness of online retail. Global e-commerce increased by 19 percent in 2013 alone, a figure that was likely equalled or bettered in 2014. With those sorts of multiples, it’s entirely likely that upwards of 30 percent or more of the total retail economy will be transacted online by 2025.

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Capitalism and Economic Development

William LaraqueMr. William Laraque is an Advisor for the Empowerment of Global Business Success, Greater New York City Area.

From Strategic Management Forum (Global), Linkedin.

Joseph Schumpeter was right. In his response to Marx’s assertion that Capitalism would die, Schumpeter asserted that capitalism could only be understood as a cycle of destruction and creation.

It is no longer cool to refer to Marx, Schumpeter or revolution. In business and economics today, we prefer the term “creative disruption.”

Important to this discussion on the usefulness of capitalism in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008, Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia U. has explained how destructive inequality is to economic growth. Stiglitz wrote in “The Price of Inequality,” that “much of America’s inequality is the result of market distortions with incentives directed not at creating new wealth but at taking it from others.”

Martin Wolf of the Financial Times has written exhaustively as to why bank lending is less useful as a driver of economic growth than government issuance of bonds.

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The Coming Elections in Greece

JP Bio PhotoDr. John Psarouthakis is the Executive Editor of journal, and Founder and CEO of The JP-Management Center, llc, (

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Ever since the communists lost the civil war way back in the late 1940’s, a significant % of the Greek population has been pushing for a radical left government. It seems that portion of the Greek people have not digested the fact that they lost not only militarily but also ideologically and have a psychological need to be in power.
Radical socialism and communism have not work out anywhere. I suppose they have not kept up with the news. Even Russia and China have adopted / developed Free-Market capitalistic economies

Mr. Tsipras, with his radically leftist, SYRIZA, party; if he forms a government, can show the world once more that those demagogic ideologies belong in history’s files of negative and distractive experiments.

In any event, I believe that Greece is subject / obligated to the policies and actions that TROIKA / Brussels / Luxembourg decide for Greece no matter who is the prime minister.

Only God can help Greece if Mr. Tsipras, if in power, ignores those obligations and guidelines and returns the country to drachma and exits the euro zone.