“Better Makes Us Best” book reviews

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By Dr. John Psarouthakis, Founder and Former Chairman and CEO, JP Industries Inc. and Executive Editor, The Business Thinker.

“‘Better is as better does,” I wrote in Chapter Four. “Each person, each day. Not startling productivity increases by super heroes.” Underlying this philosophy of sensible, incremental improvement is a fundamental respect for the integrity and potential of each employee. Note, for example, how I answered when I was asked ‘what advice I would offer leaders seeking to promote a better flow of communication from the plant floor through various layers of management’, “Keep the number of management Layers as few as possible. Many layers dilute or even frequently change the meaning of what is to be communicated”.

“Dr. Psarouthakis thought he wrote a book exclusively for his own industry. But in fact, Better Makes Us Best knows no limits. It contains some fabulous truths for [anyone] seeking fulfillment in today’s stressful working world.”—Peter G. Hanson, M.D., Author of The Joy of Stress and Stress for Success

“Dr. John is an American success story. Every one of us can learn from the lessons and principles in his life. This book is a good place to begin.”—David Lawrence Jr., Publisher and Former Chairman of Detroit Free Press

“Psarouthakis’ spirited message is simple, direct, clear, entertaining and refreshingly honest. It would inspire the troops of any and all companies–from the floor sweeper right on up to the CEO–to stand up and cheer for its human warmth and basic truths. Terrific book.”—Carolyn Smith, Business Writer

‘I would say it’s extremely important for a manager to understand that the structure which gives him or her authority is an artificial one. You must never forget that the people who work for you are unique individuals who want to participate as much as possible in the improvement and success of the company.'” —Norman Bodek, Former President of Productivity Inc., Publisher of the First Edition of Better Makes Us Best

“Trying for the absolute best tomorrow is easy to imagine, but it’s far too difficult a goal to achieve. On the other hand, trying your best to be better today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and so on, is an achievable goal and will help you become your best. In short, I highly recommend that anyone interested in improving the quality of products, services, and ultimately the experience of the work itself, read and consider the message in this book. I urge you to take note of the fact that this message has meaning for every employee, not just those on the shop floor.”—Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr., Former Dean of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business

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