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In today’s technologically driven world there is access to more information now than ever before, but navigating through the abundance of material available can be incredibly overwhelming and time consuming. With just a few keystrokes in a search engine you can find facts on any topic imaginable. Information and facts, however, are not enough to indefinitely sustain a business. There must be knowledge. Knowledge is born when facts and information come together to create a deep understanding of an idea, concept, principle, model, or design—the type of understanding that helps the individual, company, or corporation to make decisions that produce long-term growth and productivity.

At JPMCenter.LLC, we believe knowledge is invaluable. It informs us, challenges us, and helps us build on our talents, but acquiring knowledge takes time.

At JPMCenter.LLC we value and respect your time. Each of the materials, products, and services is designed to be accessible any time and any place. Our goal is to help you implement the knowledge you need on your own schedule.

We focus on equipping men and women in business with the information and tools necessary to gain the knowledge they need to keep their business healthy and growing. We don’t make get rich schemes or make broad guarantees. What we do promise is access to content generated by experts and industry professionals and tailored specifically to help businessmen and businesswomen grow as informed leaders. 

We will soon be announcing the posting of an updated site on Knowledge Transfer: drjp.com

Contact us via drjohn@jpmcenter.com if you wish to know more about us and particularly about our Knowledge Transfer Platform.

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