You can’t predict the future; you have to invent it. What are your views??

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The Leader-Manager’s role requires a clear vision to be successful. There is a constant need to challenge the status quo, but there is also the need to maintain a connection to the Next Worthwhile Goal. The key and daring thing is to know when to let go of the present and move to the future. If we understand the industries and markets we operate in, perhaps we do not know the future, but our knowledge and experience should help us to define within the context that we can design our strategy(ies) to move us forward successfully.   

Invent the future? I think that is what exceptional leader-mangers do. Indeed more often than not such leaders create-invent the future.

You have to invent a future that provides revenue opportunities today. This is the dilemma of innovators, corporate or humanitarian. How to find an audience that doesn’t exist yet? There is only so far in front you can go to remain intelligible to your base.

This speaks to the value of building a diverse team. Different people have different skills. Rather than force everyone into a mold, harness them together. This too brings challenges, at least within a confined system. Turning to an open-ended paradigm where the organization itself is open to reinvention, on some level, is an interesting model more proposed than applied.

Nowadays, we hope that the ‘future invented’ will be an environmentally sustainable one, since any one that is not does not belong to the future.

 Yes, I fully agree with you that we have to invent the future. Everyday I get up with one thought in my mind that “Okay this will be the best day of my life”..but it has not happened for the past 2 years..But still all man know..HOPE makes you still alive..ready to battle with ruff life…but we can not predict the can only be invented..We always have to think positive manner in right directions…so at last we will reach at our goal…what says….

 In the last few years the development of chaos theory has had an effect in Management. It may be easy for a leader to work on and influence the primary or even secondary causes, but beyond that it becomes unstable. The tertiary causes are many and unpredictable. Therefore, to pinpoint the levers of influence that change the course of future is very hard. Having said that, it is safe to assume that serendipity eventually pays. Yes. one can invent the future. But timing and the course is still not controllable.

No one was waiting for Nespresso, Mobile phones, 25 pounds laptops, X-Rays, Penicillin, Post-it-notes, the Ford Edsel and the Ford Mustang, SUVs and pickup trucks etc etc
Yet, it happened.
What did it take for it to happen? Next to extraordinary people and extraordinary circumstances, extraordinary processes must have been at work.

If any of these Key ingredients (TM) is missing, the idea does not blossom.

The thing is: can you create processes that will deliver the future on a recurrent basis? If not how close can you get to it?

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