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Helping You With The Challenges of Business Management In An Incredibly Fast Paced Borderless Business World

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Dr. John Psarouthakis

Rapid change is an integral part of business life today. New management philosophies and tools are constantly being developed, while new technologies emerge at breathtaking speeds.

Today’s executives must constantly instill new vigor and flexibility into their enterprises in order to manage their companies forProfitably. To do this executives need instant and easy access to a full range of contemporary business management tools and models. Executives also need to develop skills in areas they would have never thought necessary just a few short years ago. Many things you learn today will be obsolete two years from now.

The Business Thinker is here to help with these challenges. We will provide access to some of the foremost experienced business experts from around the world. We will present profitable business growth strategies as well as opinions, business tools, and concepts from experienced and successful business executives and leading academic experts.

The goal of The Business Thinker is to help you, our readers, find their way through today’s borderless, fast paced and complex world. We will strive to help you, learn, grow and think “outside of the box” with the expectation that what you learn will open new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Thank you for visiting The Business Thinker, if you have any questions, recommendations, comments or concerns about what we do please contact us by clicking the Contact link at the top of any page.

Come back soon and often!

– Dr. John Psarouthakis

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