Understanding The Rise Of The Robots

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Martin-FordBy Martin Ford who is author of Rise of the Robots and The Lights in the Tunnel two books about AI, job automation & the future economy.

In this talk recorded at the RSA, leading expert on AI and the robotics revolution Martin Ford offers both an exploration of this new technology and a call to arms to face its radical implications. The world is being transformed by a profound technological revolution, dominated by digital – a second machine age. Digital technology is changing all our lives, work, society and politics. It is clear that unless we radically reassess the fundamentals of how our economy and politics work, we risk a future of massive unemployment and inequality.

This talk was posted in the Social Europe journal on November 19, 2015

To listen to the speech go to;


See also the book “The Technology Imperative: What Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Really Means in the 21st Century”, www.GavdosPress.com, 2012

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