The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #6 – Casting the net for business leads

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This chapter reviews the primary ways in which you learn about businesses for sale.  An elaborate but informal network of brokers are the best direct source of businesses for sale. Although you may be lucky and find your own company by making direct contacts, you are likely to get a much broader lead pool generated with less effort by building your broker network.

This chapter also describes a method for tracking your leads and the typical fee agreement that a buyer broker will ask you to sign.

This article is an overview of step six that is explained in further detail in “How to Acquire the Right Business” by John Psarouthakis and Lorraine Uhlaner; Published by Xlibris, 2009. This book covers the 15  key steps involved in the complex and demanding process of buying the right business. It includes the search, selection, evaluation, pricing, negotiation, closing and managing the start of an acquired business. Buy this book.

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