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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor, The Business Thinker; Founder and former CEO JPIndustries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation. CV Click here

Our educational systems, and institutions for development of our people, have not caught up with many of the changes which I have described in prior articles herein due to technological advancements.

While skills such as math and science competency seem to be a prerequisite for life looking ahead in the 21st century, this is not a view that is shared yet by many institutions of education.

At the same time that we need cognitive skills, we also need people who can respond to change and who know how to think and adapt.

There will be less and less good future for individuals with inability to think and do, whether those individuals come from big city ghettos, minority groups, or a well-to-do family background.

This new culture of education also needs to recognize that continuous change will be with us from now on.   We will need to think about two, three, or four or perhaps even more careers for an individual throughout a life span. Again, this demands an approach to human development that is much more adaptable, flexible, and all encompassing than the one we still have.

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