The New Era in Brief

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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor,


Our world continues to have an  expanding population, an economy that increasingly is integrated on a global scale, a world environment faced by a variety of threats and disparate cultural values. In order to live and work successfully in such a world, individuals, organizations, sectors, and nations must work together.

We have entered an era in which knowledge of dominant technologies and the people skilled in its use are the key elements of sustainable growth in the complex environment we live in:

  • It is an era of intense international competition.
  • Corporations are continually changing, merging, and dividing.
  • Employment is in flux.
  • Major immigration waves are in motion
  • Time scales are reduced.

In such times, we will succeed by our wits rather than by our power and natural resources.

Key dominant technologies in the 21st century era–things like:

  • wireless networks
  • all-optical networks
  • intelligent software
  • high-speed rail
  • new spacecraft concepts
  • gene therapy
  • artificial organs
  • self-assembling materials
  • microscopic machinery
  • high-temperature superconductivity
  • industrial ecology
  • sustainable agriculture
  • the information economy.

will shape the longevity and the quality of life we will have.

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