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Winning Business Leaders

drjohn11aDr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor, www.BusinessThinker.com. Founder and former CEO, JP Industries, Inc, a Fortune 500 industrial corporation. Adjunct professor, Strategy and Acquisitions, Ross School of Management, University of Michigan

This is the second of short articles of my thoughts about Leading and Managing winning companies.

Winning leaders are strongly motivated toward success and have the ability to motivate others to accept change and transition and win in competition.

Such Leaders energize others when personally interact with them.

Successful business leaders are able to:

1) Have a Vision that can clearly be communicated to employees and other company constituencies;
2) Create an unconventional strategy directed in upsetting the key factors the competition has based its strategy on, by challenging the accepted assumptions, within ethical and legal bounds, that govern the way competitors conduct their business, for example, upset the status quo and therefore achieve a novel and powerful competitive advantage;
3) Find and achieve a relative advantage against the company’s competitors, by either advantage in technology and profitability and / or identify relative advantages in the position of its assets and the competition;
4) Put together a uniquely competent and well motivated Team
5) Organize the management structure to be efficient without losing sight of product quality and service.
6) Readjust the company’s available resources in such a way that will enable the company to increase its market share and profitability;
7) Introduce innovations, such as opening new markets-expanding overseas and / or the development and introduction of new products and services.

Leadership / Management

drjohn11aDr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor, www.BusinessThinker.com, Founder and former CEO, JP Industries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial Corporation. Received MIT’s Corporate Leader Award.


This is the first of short articles of my thoughts about Leading and Managing winning companies.

Why some companies constantly win in today’s globalized and intensely competitive world, while others struggle from one crisis to the next? It is simply leadership and management expertise that can take advantage of the rapidity with which ideas arise, are developed and applied, and the immediacy and degree of their impact in our lives. Let me illustrate.

When I were a student at MIT in the ‘50’s, it used to take five to ten years for an idea, or research result from a University, to become reality in the market and in our lives. Today it is almost simultaneous! This drastic change has fundamentally altered how we manage business.

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Exceptional Leaders Invent the Future-some observations

Exceptional leader-managers invent the future they don’t just forecast it. The Leader-Manager’s role requires a clear vision and ability to manage the process for the successful achievement of that vision. There is a constant need to challenge the status quo, but there is also the need to maintain a connection to the “next worthwhile goal”. The key and daring thing is to know when to let go of the past and present and move to the future. If we understand the industries and markets we operate in, perhaps we do not know the future, but our knowledge and experience should help us dare and design our strategy (ies) to move us forward to our “invented’ goals successfully. Continue reading Exceptional Leaders Invent the Future-some observations