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An Editorial: How we will Create jobs is the Question

Dr. John Psarouthakis, Founder and former CEO, JPIndusries,Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation. . Currently, Distiguished Visiting Fellow / Professor, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the Executive Editor of www.BusinessThinker.com

Unemployment is still very high, 8.2%. If we include the underemployed and those that have given up looking for employment the level is close to 12% levels.

This situation could create a threat to our country’s social inclusivity and stability.

That is why the number one priority of our investors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and politicians is to tell us how they can create employment opportunities and politicians should tell us of the policies they have in mind. They must tell us specific details and not just broad demagogic statements

There are several sectors and opportunities that the country could take good advantage of, provided the government does not suffocate initiative with thousands of pages of regulations and impedes investments through the uncertainty of undefined or scary tax policies.

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How has President Obama done so far?

This is the second review article on the President since he took office.

President Obama is going into history as the first African American elected to the presidency of USA. However, he might also go into history as a one term president because of the economy travails, and lack of apparent leadership. He has, in my opinion, created an image of arrogance and lack of effective leadership. He is becoming a polarizing force in the political spectrum of the country.

He has developed an atmosphere of uncertainty with his approach of decision making.  Even the most important legislation of his administration to date, Health Care Law, he delegated the initiative to former Speaker Pelosi until it looked doubtful it will pass. He then got involved in what many called “Chicago politics” to pass the bill.

Some commentators hold that the government’s reformist staff and the President would have been capable of tackling the country’s very acute problems were it not for resistance from the party’s left wing guard. Perhaps that is true. But the voters who picked President Obama in November of 2008 were voting for change which was never spelled out during the campaign.

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