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CALL TO GLORY– How the Convair B-58 Hustler Helped Win the Cold War

GEORGE_SPARTAN0001George A. Haloulakos, CFA, is a university instructor, author and entrepreneur [DBA Spartan Research and Consulting, 1995-to date]. His published works utilize aviation as a teaching tool for Finance, Game Theory, History and Strategy.


The Convair B-58 Hustler, a pioneering aircraft that helped usher advancement in aeronautics while providing object lessons in Finance, Strategy and Game Theory makes for a compelling story. Finance explains how capital is employed to create added-value. Strategy explains how resources are mobilized to capitalize on opportunities while achieving victory. Game Theory embodies strategies and tactics in situations of conflict or competition in which participants are faced with choices of action in which they win or lose based on what others choose to do or not to do. Statistics may provide guidelines or rules of thumb but in the midst of conflict where human behavior comes into play, actions and outcomes do not necessarily conform to a statistical norm or numeric formula. The long-retired supersonic B-58 is a unique teaching tool for these disciplines made all the more interesting by its remarkable achievements during its service life from 1960-1970. In the following excerpt from my forthcoming book CALL TO GLORY, basic principles in Game Theory are demonstrated in this historic case study that are useful in evaluating two major public policy issues facing our nation today: the merits of launching a new strategic bomber and dealing with adversaries that have publicly declared their intention to destroy us.

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