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AN AMERICAN SYNERGISTIC TRILOGY: The Space Program, The Free-Market Economy And Philanthropy

Dr. V.E.”Bill” Haloulakos is an AIAA National Distinguished Lecturer and a contibutor to The Business Thinker

The Space Program, The Free-Market Economy and Philanthropy, form the earth-shaking and world-shaping triumvirate of American Exceptionalism. The most important part of this “trinity” is The FreMarket Economy, for it is the beating heart that feeds everything else. Because of the aspects and practices of the free-market economy the space program was such a spectacular success and along with the numerous other attributes of the American System, to be enumerated later, vast wealth and prosperity were created that allowed an expandedphilanthropic activities, although they of themselves are the core of the greatest philanthropy known to man which is “Modern-Day Responsible Capitalism”.


Synergy is a mathematical concept, which specifies that one plus one is not always equal to two. Sometimes it is more in which case we say, “The total is greater than the sum of its parts”. This is known as positive synergism and there’s also negative synergism when the “total is less than the sum of its parts”.  The mathematical concept of one plus one is always equal to two is called “the principle of superposition”, i.e. putting one thing on the top of the other, so they just “pile up”. According to the principle of synergism, what the sum of one plus one is equal to depends on the particulars of the case, e.g. when one buys auto insurance as a bundle for two or more cars he saves money as compared to buying them separately. So, one can say that one plus one, synergistically, are less than two because of the lower cost or that it is more than two, because for a given amount of money one effectively buys more insurance. We have and we shall enumerate a multiplicity of items and activities within the American Exceptional System where positive synergism is at work and “like an invisible hand”, to quote Adam Smith, creates a multiplication factor that improves things and situations far and beyond any “normal” (whatever normal is) expectations.

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