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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor, www.BusinessThinker.com and former founder and CEO of JPIndustries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial group.


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A Dynamic Business Planning Model is a model of organization effectiveness based on both the classical goal approach and open systems theory ideas pioneered by researchers at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, including Robert Katz, Robert Kahn, and Basil Georgopoulos. See reference book at the end of this article.

Borrowing from the classical goal approach, for-profit firms depend upon financial viability to survive.

A financially viable company can pay its bills when they are due and operates at a profit.

Simple enough. But achieving financial viability is much more complicated than merely determining objectives for profit and production of goods and then setting out to achieve those goals. This Model defines the issues you must manage to assure financial viability, including market strategy, work flow, resource acquisition, human relations, resource allocation, public relations, and technical mastery. Successful corporate strategy must tackle each of these issues.


Growth Strategy / Business Models-a brief comment

To survive, grow, and remain profitable, your company must develop effective Growth Models (strategies and action plans) at specific points in time incorporating each of the issues listed below,

  • resource acquisition
  • resource allocation
  • work flow
  • human relations
  • technical mastery
  • market strategy, and the Internet
  • Social Media
  • public relations
  • Financial / Cash-flow Management

Regardless of your company’s stage of development (infancy or maturity) or its market niche you must incorporate the above issues in to your operating plans and culture. And remember that the performance of the company is a multiplicative result of the above functions not an arithmetic sum!

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