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BUSH AND OBAMA: A Difference? A Meaning?

Mr. Joseph P Garske is a retired private investor. He is an invited contributing writer to the www.BusinessThinker.com
He holds a bachelor degree in history from Harvard.

The presidents Bush and Obama are often compared with one another in terms of how different they are. Undoubtedly, they are dissimilar in many obvious ways. They may even be precise opposites in a few aspects. Yet, setting aside differences in political view and ideology there are other levels on which to compare them. One has to do with their habits of behavior as individual persons and as leaders.

For example, if we suspend political judgment for a moment and view them simply as hypothetical types, there arises a very timely question: “Which is worse, a president who has the wrong purpose, but is clear and decisive in setting out to attain it, or a president who wants the right things but is vague and indecisive in attempting to achieve those ends?”

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How has President Obama done so far?

A Brief Review of Obama’s performance for 2009

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On 20 January 2009 the global economic and political community greeted the position of the US President Barack Obama clearly as a historic moment, given that it is the first African American President of the USA. At the same time, he came to the White House with the key election slogan “We can change”, with Americans and the world full of hopes. Over the past year Barack Obama has satisfied some, and disappointed more. During this time he managed to win the Nobel Peace Prize without having the time to apply his policies and accomplish actual results in the political life of the world. His personal popularity remains high, however his policies are not popular. He made several promises. Let’s see if he kept them. Continue reading How has President Obama done so far?