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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor of www.BusinessThinker.com, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and  Founder and former CEO, JPIndusries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation

If the 20th Century was the American Century, why does the 21st Century seem so daunting for America?  If we are still the globe’s leading manufacturer (and we are), why does globalization terrify us?  If the entire world sends its best and brightest to American graduate schools, why does our education system need reform?  Why is the most affluent nation mired in a stagnant economy?  Why do politicians of every stripe find maximum traction with empty chants of: “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”?

In this small but I hope meaningful book that I recently wrote I insist we must define our problems before seeking solutions.  I demonstrate, in as clear and enjoyable prose my editor and I can write, that a single problem (and opportunity) underlies all the above questions.

Just as our 19th Century farmer nation endured social upheaval but prospered in a massive shift to an urban and manufacturing 20th Century, we face a new upheaval today.  Both enormous transitions stem from the same all-powerful, irreversible force—technological progress.

This time around, I show, the great danger is that populist political rhetoric will strangle the free-market generator of wealth for all Americans, leaving us with a failed economy and a failed nation.  The American capitalist economic engine needs repair, now.  It must find new ways of sharing the wealth it creates—as it did via job creation in the 20th Century—or the politicians will ensure that the prevailing gloom will be warranted.


For the book: “The Technology Imperative: What Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Really Means in the 21st Century”, published by Gavdos Press, September 2012, please go to gavdospress.com