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Some Things Are Not Reversible

Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor of www.BusinessThinker.com, and Founder and former CEO, JP Industries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation

Certain actions described in the laws of physics are not the only indelible forces in our world. Many powerful genies cannot be put back in the bottle. “Irreversible” is a descriptor of immense power, something I first pondered scientifically in an MIT physics class. It’s a concept—a fact—that lays the foundation for all economic, industrial, political, or social discussions. One could fairly say that my  book published 5 years ago, see reference at the end of this article, is about how best to cope with irreversible changes that we can’t put back in the bottle, even if we wish we could. In the end it is also about a grave danger I see for the free-market economy and innovative, self-reliant national mindset that has made the United States the world’s destination of choice.   In that light, we begin by discussing our era’s two great, and irreversible, socioeconomic drivers: technology and globalization.

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