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Editorial: Today’s Globalized World and Business.

drjohn11aDr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor of www.BusinessThinker.com, and Founder and former CEO, JP Industries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation.

Several republics of the collapsed Soviet Union became independent nations. These nations suddenly realized that they must be responsible for their own road ahead. The global spread of democracy intensified yet further this realization.

The rapid advancement of technological developments, globalization, and the “free” movement of goods, services and capital, has created a new geopolitical world with “free market” economic development taking “front seat” in the “Halls of Power and Policy making” of our world. Though we are witnessing, still, wars fought with advanced technology weapons these wars have been regional.

It has become ever so more clear that economically weak states become dependent on economic blocks for their future wellbeing. Though ideologies still are influential in policy formulation, economic strength has become a principal objective and “free market” economic systems are being adopted, not withstanding their flaws. Until an economics Einstein comes up with a new system in the future it is the best system we’ve got! It is the System that creates opportunities for enterprise creation that provides employment and economic advancement of the individual and the State. Naturally regulations and controls are necessary for checks and balances so that within human limitations the system operates fairly for all.

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