Six common characteristics of very smart people

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There is some truth secret recipe on how someone can turn into a genius? The truth is as attractive as it sounds this idea, chances are very small. But there are some common characteristics of very shifty people the BBC identified and introduced us.

Within six interviews made by journalists of the British public television to six scientists and inventors who have been distinguished for their intelligence, the BBC has some advice on how can someone, if not able to become like them, at least to improve themselves.

1) Seek alternative road

The conclusion is reached in the case of Sarah Segker, an astrophysicist at MIT, which was  against the initial skepticism argued that the answer to the failure of telescopes to ‘trap’ a detect for possible signs of life on other planets is finding their indirect footprint in the planet’s atmosphere. Do not blindly follow the dominant paradigm, look for alternative even against the initial review, propose new roads, innovation is a sign of intelligence!

2) Do not be afraid to tell the hard truths

The global economy and development based largely on international trade by sea with huge Cargo ships carrying goods from one end of the globe to another. The noise generated by this process is destructive to life in the sea. This inconvenient truth shared with the public Michel Andre University of Technology of Catalonia when he discovered the corpse of a whale which was due to misleading for marine mammals sounds, collided with a tanker. Can annoyed enough with that of revelation, but he became a scientific genius. This was not made so many clever people who became known in history for their discoveries.

3) Self-training

People with extreme intelligence sharing a common characteristic. They love to learn new things and even more specifically prefer to discover for themselves. The self-taught people are usually the most intelligent. This is confirmed in the case of histone Lasapel, a teenager amateur involvement with robots much early age led him recently to build an affordable prosthetic hand that holds the handle via brain waves. So do not delay and start the self-training.

4) bridging gaps, people and ideas

The specificity can certainly be a highlight in authority in your field. The really ingenious but people are the ones that connect different disciplines, faculties and opinions. It is the ability composition singles really smart people from the rest. An example of this view is Anita Gkoel of Nanompiosim, which combines ideas from the nanotechnology, physics and biomedical developed a diagnostic method that aims to change the landscape of medicine completely especially in the developing world.

5) Think long term

A key feature of human ingenuity is that it is short-sighted. Some would characterize visionaries, but the reality is that simply can and “look beyond the horizon.” This certainly applies to Robert Grass of ETH Zurich, who along with his colleague working in storage capacity “centuries-old” knowledge within the human DNA. So forget this for a while and traveled in the future!

6) Observe your immediate environment

Despite the fact that in this still Article innovation and new ideas deified as the main features of an intelligent man, many times our efforts to find alternative road or the new idea, make us lose sight of the truth that many times is ” under our nose. ” This option usually accompanies the very smart people, which is much simple process of observing our immediate environment, exercised and Jill Faraday University of Cape Town, when during the research for a new fruit that can to survive with little water in major drought, he remembered a plant known since her childhood. He focused on it and developed ultimately achieving the desired result. So open your eyes, observe your surroundings and you will soon exclaim “Eureka.”

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