Real Participative Management

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Dr. John Psarouthakis

Executive Editor.

Well, we have applied the “Better Makes Us Best” philosophy in JP Industries and the rewards were substantial. I would like to describe a few of our success stories.

I will begin by telling you what happened, as an example,  at one of the plants.

The plant manager decided there was a need for change – to meet the demands of the marketplace and remain competitive. We provided him with opportunities to review alternatives and he eventually selected a program the plant now called “Real Participative Management” – or RPM, which is rather apt in the Transportation Products industry.

The crux of the program is actually an extension of “Better Makes Us Best” because it teaches employees to consider the needs of three groups:

* The investor: wants good returns on his (or her) investment;

* The customer: wants on-time delivery, high quality and cost efficiency;

* The employee: wants job security, better wages and fringe benefits and involvement in decisions affecting him (or her).

In a future article I will summarize the RPM

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