Netherlands looks to ban all gas, diesel car sales by 2025

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By JORDAN CHITTLEY, The Globe and Mail
Fully-electric zero-emissions vehicles are a tough sell in Canada. They make up about 0.2 per cent of the current market and, through the first half of 2015, Canadians purchased slightly more than 2,000 electric cars, out of the more than 1.1 million total cars sold. In Ontario, the government offers incentives of up to $14,000, which bring prices more in line with those of gasoline cars, but the cars remain unpopular.

Fully-electric vehicles in the Netherlands, by contrast, made up 1.4 per cent of sales in 2013. On a per capita level, the Netherlands have the second-most plug-in electric vehicles of any country, behind only Norway. Electric vehicle owners are already eligible for tax breaks and parking spots, but the government is looking to take it a step further.

A number of Dutch politicians are proposing banning the sale of gas and diesel-powered vehicles starting in 2025.

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