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Dr. John Psarouthakis

Executive Editor


During the recent four decades we find ourselves in an accelerating, globally-interconnected, knowledge and technology driven times full of opportunities driven these accelerating knowledge and technologies, with ever more open national borders.

As the information and technology advancements gather momentum, society will, as always, look to university graduates, faculty, and staff for fundamental research, and for creative understanding and application of the knowledge they generate and engaging business, industry, governments, and other social institutions in new endeavors of learning, research, and problem solving. This will be an important element of the leading universities of the future.

This time period, however, will go through a high level of expense for the education that a great percentage of the world population can-not afford. Therefore, the advancing knowledge and technology must become available to financially unable through affordable means. JPM Center has designed an Internet platform to provide such means. This platform will be soon available and accessible through the

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