Greecce’s Negotiations

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JP Bio PhotoDr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor,

In negotiations between two opposing sides that each declares “we will not cross the announced Red Lines” there will not be a settlement acceptable to both sides. For a compromise to be achieved there is an absolute reality that both sides need to cross these red lines. The degree of divergence from the red lines is really what is negotiated.

The perception of “what is mine is mine, but what is yours is negotiable” does not hold. Anything to the effect that “absolutely we will not cross the red lines” is a bluff and / or demagogic.

If it is a bluff, then Greece better be prepared for the consequences (bankruptcy) or become subservient to dictated terms by the lenders.

If it is demagogic, it is well overdue time for the country’s leadership to tell the Greek people the realities and stop talking about actions that have not taken place and it is very much unlikely they will not, i.eAccept the reality that “there can not be an agreement without undesirable but necessary compromises”

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