Education isn’t everything, but it’s close

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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor of, Founder and former CEO, JP Industries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation, Adjunct Professor(ret.), Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Review and evaluate schools  from MIT to the local community college in asserting the importance of learning—from the most advanced science lab to technical training that might make an “obsolete” factory to an  employ getting a job again. Use, in detail, the JPI retraining scheme as a microcosmic example of the path we need to think in at all levels during a time of sweeping workplace transition. This summary is lame compared to the relevant chapter in the reference below.

“The Technology Imperative: What Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Really Means in the 21st Century”, John Psarouthakis, Gavdos Press, October 2012.
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