Compuware, BMC Software team up to compete against IBM, CA Technologies

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Tom Henderson, Staff Reporter

Detroit-based Compuware Corp. and Houston-based BMC Software Inc., longtime competitors in offering services and products to users of mainframe computers, will announce Tuesday that they have an agreement that will allow them to sell to each other’s customers. 

The two plan to use the agreement to cut into the market share of their two largest competitors, New York-based IBM Corp. and New York-based CA Technologies Inc.

The companies are focused on a new line of mainframe computers IBM debuted in January called the z13 that specifically targets the fast-growing mobile segment of the computer market and the huge volume of data that segment generates.

Compuware and BMC will begin marketing a beta version of an interface for the z13 mainframe at a large IT convention in Seattle March 1-6, with a finished version scheduled to be available for customers in June, according to Chris O’Malley, Compuware’s president and CEO.

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