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Accepting a job challenge–3

Dr. John Psarouthakis

Executive Editor


A very important, in my opinion,  message I have for you at this point in time is based on my experiences and background:

Let me flesh it out by telling you some of the experiences and observations which lead me to this point of view.

First, about my accent.

What you would hear when i talk are lingering cadences of a town called Chania on the Greek island of Crete. I lived there until I was 19 and a half years old,

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100 years ago and Today–2

Dr. john Psarouthakis

Executive Editor


One hundred years and more ago  most Americans were still living and dying by their muscles. The overwhelming majority used their brawn to extract food from the topsail, or to extract resources from deep in the Earth, or – in increasing numbers – to hammer raw materials into some kind of usable product.

At the same time, business was also a creature of muscle. Building a railroad was not a subtle enterprise. Clear-cutting a million acres of trees was not a subtle enterprise. Pulling all the iron or gold or oil out of a particular region was not a subtle enterprise. Though I might add that even then a good engineer came in handy. I’ll let you guess what discipline I was educated in.

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Dr. John Psarouthakis

Executive Editor.

During the last four decades or so we have witnessed a fundamental and historic shift of how the economies around the world develop. With the collapse of communism, the centralized and state control model of the economy has collapsed. Other socialist State models, i.e., Sweden, UK before Margaret Thatcher, and Venezuela recently have also collapsed. What we have now, however imperfect it maybe, is the economic model of the “Free Market.” This shift is occurring in parallel with two other socio-political expressions: 1. Smaller government, though i recent years this seems to have moderated quite a bit, and 2. The need, indeed the demand by our society to provide assistance, protection, and distribution of economic benefits a “fair” way. What we are witnessing is a major shift on “how we can fulfill our expectations of a humanistic society” this influences the development and distribution of technology and business / economic Knowledge while we keep the state’s interventions and control power at minimum.

Other short articles on this topic will follow