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How do You Manage a Company to Grow?

What can you learn from other CEO’s facing the dual challenges of maintaining growth and profitability? What issues are you likely to face and how can you best resolve them?

Management for growth is a complex process with many variables. It requires many changes – and much flexibility – along the way. I can speak from personal experience in building J.P, Industries, Inc. in just ten years to a Fortune 500 industrial corporation. I also want to share with you the results of a research study conducted by Dr. L.(Hendrickson) Uhlaner, formerly with Eastern Michigan University, under my guidance on the question of growth management and published in a book. Borrowing from the classical goal approach, firms depend on financial viability to survive and grow. A financially viable firm can pay its bills when they are due and operate at a profit, simple enough. But achieving financial viability is much more complicated than merely determining objectives for profit and production of goods and services and then setting out to achieve these goals. We must define the issues that we must manage in order to assure financial viability – these include market strategy, work flow, resource acquisition, human relations, resource allocation, public relations, and technical mastery. Continue reading How do You Manage a Company to Grow?

How to Develop a High Performing Workforce as the Economy Recovers from Recession

Stephen J. Gill– is a guest contributor.
An Independent Consultant for Human Performance

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Evidence indicates that most of the U.S. and other developed countries are starting to emerge from the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 30s. The likelihood that we will return to those conditions again in the near future depends on the financial and operational viability of companies, but also, to a great extent, on how well companies manage their employees. If executives don’t attend to the factors that determine a high performance workforce, their companies will not thrive and survive.

Some researchers estimate that as many as a third of employees will “jump ship” as soon as hiring takes off again. These employees are not content with their current situations and are just waiting for new opportunities to become available. Those who remain, feeling survivor-syndrome stress, will not be fully engaged in their work and will not perform at their best. Having lost much of their talent, with institutional wisdom walking out the door, and with a remaining workforce that lacks motivation, these companies will not be able to compete in their marketplaces. Continue reading How to Develop a High Performing Workforce as the Economy Recovers from Recession

How to Grow Your Company as the Economy Recovers from the Recession

The greatest change that seems to take place in the recovering U.S. economy is an aging population with low level of spending due combined with a high level of unemployment, low growth in consumer incomes, and difficulty to obtain credit and the high interest cost credit.

On the other hand there is an increasing demand for products and services that have not been a priority during the recession. It is expected that this demand will increase as unemployment from the current high levels improves over the  the next sixteen months. However, consumer growth in spending will very likely stay below 4% the historical levels. Continue reading How to Grow Your Company as the Economy Recovers from the Recession