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How to Grow Your Company as the Economy Recovers from the Recession

The greatest change that seems to take place in the recovering U.S. economy is an aging population with low level of spending due combined with a high level of unemployment, low growth in consumer incomes, and difficulty to obtain credit and the high interest cost credit.

On the other hand there is an increasing demand for products and services that have not been a priority during the recession. It is expected that this demand will increase as unemployment from the current high levels improves over the  the next sixteen months. However, consumer growth in spending will very likely stay below 4% the historical levels. Continue reading

The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #2 – Acquisition Criteria and Your Initial Acquisition Plan

In determining why you want to buy a company, you should ask yourself and develop answers for each of the following questions:

1)      Do you want to run the business yourself or do you want others to help you?

2)      How long you plan to keep the business;

3)      Whether you plan to buy other businesses over time

4)      If buying additional companies over time, do you plan to buy related or unrelated companies? Continue reading