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Editorials from the founder of The Business Thinker, Dr. John Psarouthakis, and invited writers

The Coming Elections In Greece

DRJOHN2Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor,

Ever since the communists lost the civil war way back in the late 1940’s, a significant % of the Greek population has been pushing for a radical left government.

Well those people got their wish when in last January SYRIZA the radical left party with Alexis Tsipras at the lead won the election and Tsipras became Prime Minister. He formed a government and the last seven months he showed the world once again that those radical left demagogic ideologies belong in history’s files of negative and distractive experiments. As a consequence, Mr. Tsipras resigned last week and called for new elections, the third election in the last 8 months!!!!!

He has demonstrated that he is strictly a politician caring only for his political interests and not of the Greek people and the Country.

Even though he is young it seems that he is cut from the same cloth as those that have governed poorly for the last several decades!

Unfortunately he has turned out not to be different.

Greece is not functioning today as a State!!! Mr. Tsipras has abdicated his responsibilities and showed complete incompetence in negotiations with the Europeans for the national debt obligations. He has devoted his energies and abilities to his self-centered arrogant decision making!!!!

Only God can help Greece if Mr. Tsipras gets back to govern Greece.

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The Greek Crisis-High Deficits Projected


Dr. John Psarouthakis,
Executive Editor and Founder and CEO

With a strong pro statist established system, non-competitive economy and high level of non productive costs, it is not much of a surprise that Greece projects such large national deficits!!!!!!The government must get out of the “talking” mode and begin to take actions to restructure the economy and quickly.

The additional debt for covering the projected deficits will increase further the national debt and economically “enslave” Greece for a lot nore years!!! Positive, real actions needed now, Greece does not need ideologies at this dire economic times.

I’ll be glad to suggest solutions based on my experience if Mr..Tsipras would like to listen but not ideologies. I have dealt with reality for a very long time under many adverse cnditions and learned that ideologies are good for an evening’s conversation and that’s all.

Greek Negotiations, an Editorial

JP Bio PhotoBy. Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor,
Dr. Varoufakis, the Minister of Finance, Greece, and a professor of Game Theory, made a fundamental error in negotiating strategy by setting redlines so early in the negotiating process as he and Mr. Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece, did!!!!
I have personally found out and learned from negotiating with banks, corporate acquisitions and government officials in many countries that the above is so true / fundamental that essentially either it results in unnecessary compromises or total failure!
Also frequent bluffing without being prepared to do what you bluff about, 
if the bluff is called, can result in an absolute disaster!!!!!!
The bluffing side loses credibility to the degree that negotiations
are essentially one sided from then on, or failure again.
So far it seems rather clear that the above gentlemen lack the needed experience and maturity. Game Theory is useful but not in of itself. Reality needs to enter in to the assumptions that enter in the analytical phase to help the negotiations. Game Theory was invented by the late Dr. von Neumann and expanded in economics by the recently deceased Dr. Nash is a great “tool” in strategic decision making but within the realities of  the consequences if the decision is wrong!
One of Dr. Nash’s great contributions was the “Nash Equilibrium”. But even that was recently proven by the young Greek MIT professor C. Daskalakis not to be always the case. This further complicates the use of Game Theory in negotiations, etc.