Can you face the six hard truths of entrepreneurship?

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Eran DrorMr. Eran Dror is an journalist and designer who has spent the past nine years in New York City. His first book, The Book of Hard Truths, is an illustrated guide to the most universally resisted facts of life.

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t’s a common occurrence in the startup world: A critical decision has to be made, one that will affect everything that comes after it, and may determine the fate of the company. It could be a decision whether to let a partner go or invest in a new technology. But the founder won’t consider all the options even refusing to make what to virtually everyone else seems like the right decision. The startup flounders for a while longer. Then it fails.

During the past 10 years I’ve been a director of product, a product manager and a UX consultant for multiple startups, both successful and unsuccessful. Over time, I began to notice a pattern in myself and in others: When our startups and products failed to achieve their potential, it was often because of our refusal to make hard choices and to look at reality squarely. Our problem was our human failings and not, or at least never purely, the business plan. Certain hard truths made a recurring appearance.

Based on my experience, I apply what I believe are the six most crucial hard truths when advising entrepreneurs:

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