Building Skills for a Globally Minded Career

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Inside the classroom and out, international affairs and public policy graduate schools prepare students for a long tenure of professional service. Students master underlying principles of an ever-changing world. They leverage their training to successful careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

These programs blend broad preparation in critical thinking, quantitative analysis, public communications, project management, and teamwork with deep regional, cultural, and economic expertise.

This powerful combination distinguishes international affairs degrees from other professional programs. It provides the flexibility and knowledge to navigate the changes expected in the workforce of the future. It supplies the tools to understand and explain the historical, social, commercial, and political dynamics, which influence current and emerging actors.

Graduates in these fields can analyze complex situations, see global connections, and solve problems like no one else.

As you evaluate graduate school programs, ask yourself: What competencies will this program enable me to build? What will I learn inside the classroom to prepare me for my first, fifth, or tenth job out of graduate school? What skills can I build outside the classroom through internships, workshops, and other opportunities?

The marketplace is all global now.

An international affairs or public policy graduate degree today will prepare you for the job market of the future; but only when it’s built on knowledge and abilities, which you can use to adapt as the world around you changes.


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