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Apple and Tesla: Strategy and Love

William LaraqueMr. William Laraque is an advisor to governments, financial institutions and enterprise for economic development and job creation Top Contributor

Apple doesn’t need to buy Tesla. Apple’s credo is to bring design excellence to digital products that consumers use everyday. Like cars! The car is a digital product until such time as teleportation becomes practical. It not only gets you where you are going, but helps determine where that is and now tells you how to get there. You can tell your loved ones where you are using the car’s communication functionality while listening to beautiful music, or the music you like whether or not it can be characterized as beautiful. Apple improves the quality of life. So will the Apple car.

Consumers love the beautiful and the well designed, the well functioning. This is the point. Consumers love Apple products and as Tim Cook has said, love determines relevance.

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Economic Empowerment: Mightier than the Sword?

William LaraqueMr. William Laraque is advisor for the Empowerment of Global Business Success.
He is also Advisor to governments and enterprise for economic development and job creation

“Imagination, a hefty dose of capital (injected from the bottom up) and government leadership to build, streamline and fortify the laws and structures that let capitalism flourish.” Thus Hernando De Soto provides the recipe which was used for the economic transformation of Peru’s economy as espoused in “The Capitalistic Cure for Terrorism,” his article in the WSJ of 11 October 2014. The fruition of the economic aspiration of entrepreneurs led to Peru’s economic growth and to the sound defeating of Peru’s terrorist Shining Path movement. Started in 1980, at its apex in 1990, the Shining Path controlled 60% of Peru and killed some 30,000 farmers who would not kowtow to the terrorists who would herd them into communes. It turned out that in Peru, the best defense against violence and savagery and an iron ceiling imposed by both government and a business elite, was an economic offensive supported by property rights and enabling government structures and initiatives. These initiatives would empower the poor, the aspirants to a better life and particularly those enterprising in the shadows despite government and taxation.

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