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NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the United States

Editor’s Note:
Mr. Marc Lanthemann
, a graduate of Princeton University and a geopolitical analyst at Stratfor,is writing in George Friedman’s stead this week. Mr. Friedman is
the CEO and chief intelligence officer of Stratfor.

This article is published here by permission of Stratfor.

The 20th anniversary of NAFTA’s implementation on Jan. 1 has revived some of the perennial arguments that have surrounded the bloc since its inception. The general consensus has been that the trade deal was a mixed bag, a generally positive yet disappointing economic experiment.

That consensus may not be wrong. The history of the North American Free Trade Agreement as an institution has been one of piecemeal, often reluctant, integration of three countries with a long tradition of protectionism and fierce defense of economic national sovereignty. While NAFTA was a boon for certain sectors of the economy, particularly the U.S. agriculture industry, the net effect of the world’s second-largest trade bloc remains somewhat unknown.

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