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The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #8 – The Evaluation Process: an Overview

The evaluation process takes places in successive stages or filters as you progress more deeply into the deal.  At any point along the way that you feel uncomfortable with the deal, you should not go through with it. However, be aware that even in deals that go through, extensive problem-solving is often required in order to complete the deal. Continue reading

How to Grow Your Company as the Economy Recovers from the Recession

The greatest change that seems to take place in the recovering U.S. economy is an aging population with low level of spending due combined with a high level of unemployment, low growth in consumer incomes, and difficulty to obtain credit and the high interest cost credit.

On the other hand there is an increasing demand for products and services that have not been a priority during the recession. It is expected that this demand will increase as unemployment from the current high levels improves over the  the next sixteen months. However, consumer growth in spending will very likely stay below 4% the historical levels. Continue reading

The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #7 – Narrowing Your Search: Matching Broad Criteria of Your Initial Acquisition Plan

The first “filters” for your leads are the initial criteria that you set in your acquisition plan.  Although you will have many more issues to review as information unfolds, it is unpractical to consider much more than the total sales revenues, degree of profitability, and industry, at the start, because this is all the information you are likely to get from most brokers or other sources before having to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Once you sign a confidentiality agreement, you are wise to set up more detailed criteria.  Some of the more common criteria used at this next stage include the location, product line, the reputation of the company, if easily determined, growth patterns for the industry and the company up for sale, more detail about profitability, cash flow and liquidity, and of course, the overall appeal of the business to you, personally. Continue reading

An Opinion on the Uncertainty of Today’s Business Environment

From my own experience as a technologist, business executive and entrepreneur I can tell that:

The global changes that are occurring around us today create the need to zero-in on a number of issues that influence the course for success or failure if we do not take them in to consideration in our strategic and operational culture. Continue reading

The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #6 – Casting the net for business leads

This chapter reviews the primary ways in which you learn about businesses for sale.  An elaborate but informal network of brokers are the best direct source of businesses for sale. Although you may be lucky and find your own company by making direct contacts, you are likely to get a much broader lead pool generated with less effort by building your broker network.

This chapter also describes a method for tracking your leads and the typical fee agreement that a buyer broker will ask you to sign. Continue reading

The Auto Industry is now a Commodity Business

The “Detroit Three” auto companies as we should call them today need to keep one thought paramount as they struggle to survive and begin to grow again.

It’s this: advancements in manufacturing and production -technologies have rendered about 80% of the contemporary automobiles produced to a commodity product. Continue reading

The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #5 – Building the Acquisition Team

Building a good team is important right at the outset of your search.  You will need an attorney almost immediately, to review any confidentiality agreements or letters of interest that must be signed.  However, you should also begin to think about the other team members you will need early on in the search process.  A good accountant is essential to the adequate review of the seller’s books, and possibly in addition, an independent auditor.  Other consultants you need may depend upon your own skill levels and the nature of the business.  If you will need outside funding, a financial consultant may be needed.  Depending upon your own background in the functional business areas of sales and marketing, operations, engineering and manufacturing, you may or may not require outside help.  An environmental consultant is increasingly needed whenever real property is involved in the transaction, to assure that no hidden problems exist. Continue reading

How has President Obama done so far?

A Brief Review of Obama’s performance for 2009

See also the more recent review: How has President Obama done so far–a spent political force?

On 20 January 2009 the global economic and political community greeted the position of the US President Barack Obama clearly as a historic moment, given that it is the first African American President of the USA. At the same time, he came to the White House with the key election slogan “We can change”, with Americans and the world full of hopes. Over the past year Barack Obama has satisfied some, and disappointed more. During this time he managed to win the Nobel Peace Prize without having the time to apply his policies and accomplish actual results in the political life of the world. His personal popularity remains high, however his policies are not popular. He made several promises. Let’s see if he kept them. Continue reading

The Successful Business Acquisition Process – Step #4 – Building Credibility for Business Ownership

Credibility is a very important aspect of success in purchasing a company.  Many of the issues important to establishment of credibility for one constituency may also apply to some of the other groups.  Looked at altogether, the following issues are likely to help you to establish trustworthiness and believability in your proposed venture with the business community and the community at large: Continue reading

One Man’s Opinion looking ahead for 2010

Some predictions and my outlook for 2010.

At world level the role of demonstrations for justice and better living standards will intensify. In the social level, the aggregate anger will be manifested sharply and conflicts within societies will be more apparent.
The economic recovery will be weaker than what history indicates after a serious recession. Banks will continue to be cautious perhaps over copious in commercial lending.

Without another great shock the world economy will continue on the road of slow recovery, with the growth in GDP for 2010 be placed in 4% or less in the US.

Over all global growth will return in 2010, but will not be equal in all geographic areas.   The emerging markets will grow at higher levels than the developed economies. What should be heeded by investors is that the central banks must implement the correct policies to prevent “roaring” inflation.

A key for 2010 is not to continue with the bailouts adopted in 2009. The maintenance of the economic recovery will be enhanced by the government’s return again to the private market sector for sustainable growth.

The world economy in 2010 will make a deflationary recovery. Markets, with the help of the right monetary policies and budgetary restrains, will move upward. The key, however, in all this and in particular for the fate of the financial sector will be the   American market resilience.