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How to manage the effects of technology on our lives

KyriazoglouMr. John Kyriazoglou CICA, B.A (Hon), graduated in computer programming and data processing from a technical college, in Hamilton, Canada, and has a B.A. (Honours) from the University of Toronto, Canada, also earning A Scholastic award for Academic Excellence in Computer Science. He worked for over 35 years in Canada, England, Greece, Switzerland and other countries, holding various IT management and staff positions in various large private and public organizations. He is currently semi-retied. He has authored several books. For additional information on his background please go to the end of this article.

The first two decades of the 21st century has brought upon all of us an array of very perplexed issues and problems which are, by their own nature, very difficult to manage and resolve to any level of satisfaction:

1. Continuing world financial crises;

2. New technical and scientific developments;

3. Starvation of over 1 billion people across several continents;

4. Increased religious, ideological and technology-based terrorism;

5. New corporate insider and cyber threats;

6. Organized crime operations across many countries;

7. Parallel and informal economies with very few government controls;

8. Ecological disasters along with deforestation and pollution;

9. Increasing regional wars and upheavals;

10. New corporate governance, compliance, accountability and reporting regimes, etc.

As Richard Chandler has said (see page 3, Chandler, Richard (2012): ‘Galileo Report-The World in 2010’, ‘Societies are not static. They change over time. The most obvious changes result from economic and social processes that are constantly in flux’. All these impact our life-style and mode of operation.

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