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Should you bet with Kissinger on where the world is heading?

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In his new book, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger argues that “chaos threatens” the world order “side by side with unprecedented interdependence” between nations. He’s right on target. The globalization of the world economy has proceeded alongside a host of threats that transcend borders: “the spread of weapons of mass destruction, the disintegration of states, the impact of environmental depredations, the persistence of genocidal practices, and the spread of new technologies.” But even as the world’s prosperity and problems become more intertwined, geopolitical conflict between traditional nation-states is on the rise.

The main driver for this growing volatility is a deteriorating US-led world order, what I call the ‘G-Zero’—the notion that we are experiencing a widening global power vacuum that no nation or group of nations will fill for the foreseeable future. America is becoming less willing and able to influence outcomes, precisely at a time when international leadership is increasingly critical. America’s exceptional ability to organize global institutions and the international agenda no longer holds…and there is no useful strategy to try and regain it. That underpins and links the geopolitical conflicts that feel ubiquitous today, from the South China Sea and Ukraine to Iraq and Syria.

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