Analysis Framework: Operations

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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor.

This is the 4 rth of short articles of my thoughts about Leading and Managing winning companies.

A combination of actions and strategies should be analyzed and would need to be conducted looking at several key elements of the business, listed below, in order to begin developing the competitive strategic direction best suited to the business / company. Analysis need to be directed in at least three dimensions: 1) Strategic Direction, 2) Operational and Financial Improvement, 3) Conflict Resolution. Some of these elements are listed below:

Divest Subsidiaries
Re-structure(?) Debt
Working Capital Management
Sufficient Financing
Reengineer Processes
Total Quality Program
Product / Service Aging
Product / Service Renewal
Right-size the work Force
Full Product Costs
Re-price Products
Wage and Benefits Levels
Resize (up / down) of Operations
Working Capital Management
Sufficient Financing

The implementation and the results there of depend entirely on the ability to make and implement good decisions. Myself as a practitioner and academic on strategy formulation and implementation, can attest to the fact that absent of the above abilities no strategy developed can be successful.

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