An Opinion on the Uncertainty of Today’s Business Environment

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From my own experience as a technologist, business executive and entrepreneur I can tell that:

The global changes that are occurring around us today create the need to zero-in on a number of issues that influence the course for success or failure if we do not take them in to consideration in our strategic and operational culture.

On a globalized world of today it is not enough to take in to strategic consideration the global flow of goods and services and financial capital, poverty, hunger, health, corruption, etc. we must also include on our focus at least the following:

  • Low uncertainty core businesses of the past operate in an uncertain difficult to predict environment today
  • The emphasis on environmental unpredictable changes and demands create an ever changing set of customer needs.
  • New and until “yesterday” unknown Technological developments make prediction of the future for a long term business plan very uncertain
  • The dynamic changes that are taking place in the process for creating value make it extremely difficult and rather uncertain in raising the needed capital.
  • The ever increasing number of and changes in regulations make the business environment and forecasting rather dubious
  • The above together with an ever shifting economic condition make business models valid for only a short term.

Companies that operate with the ways of the past when things were more certain and predictable will find themselves in the precipice of failure and bankruptcy in today’s unpredictable and uncertain world.

3 thoughts on “An Opinion on the Uncertainty of Today’s Business Environment”

  1. Nice post John. Simple, clearly put and easy to understand. I agree we can longer ‘just survive’ in today’s business world. Traditional business models are collapsing all around us in which we are having to invent and create new ones to cope with significant changes and challenges in technology, people and new economic conditions.

    Personally, I think its way overdue!

    Thanks Ann

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