An opinion: Technological Progress……

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Dr. John Psarouthakis, Executive Editor of

Technological progress is neither a hero nor a villain.  It is merely what it is—which is merely the most powerful force on earth short of nuclear warfare (which is, of course, old technology) or implosion of our sun (which, depending on your view, drives either nature’s technology or a creator’s technology).  Rapid-paced technological advances are the reason a 21st Century economy can grow without producing enough new jobs to allow a consumer economy to recover from a recession, let alone from the longest recession anyone can recall. How incredibly unfortunate that we are entering an era of unprecedented technological progress even as housing values undergo massive restructuring, even as what happens in Spain, Argentina or Greece matter to the U.S., even as what happens in China matters a lot to the U.S., even as we—and everyone else—are embarking on a new adventure in globalized economic interrelationships (all made possible by new technology)

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