Better Makes Us Best

Dr. John Psarouthakis, is the
Executive Editor of,  and Founder and former CEO, JP Industries, Inc., a Fortune 500 industrial corporation –

It is amazing what people can do with effort over time.

Are you familiar with the great ancient Greek orator Demosthenes? Well, he was a stutterer, and the way he solved his problem was to go to the seacoast alone for years where he practiced speaking to the waves until he overcame his impediment. But it took time. He improved gradually. That was the key.

And that, in a nutshell, is my approach to continuous improvement. It’s a philosophy I began developing from observations I made in the classrooms and on the playing fields of my youth: I got equal satisfaction if I did better than last time, even though I also wanted to be best. The simplicity of this revelation is clearly presented in my delightful little book “Better Makes Us Best”.

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Europe: Building a Banking Union

Stratfor,  is an American global intelligence company.George Friedman is the company’s chairman.

“Europe: Building a Banking Union” is republished with permission of Stratfor.

The recent stress tests by the European Central Bank offered few surprises and did not cause any significant political or financial reactions in the Continent. However, these tests were only the beginning of a complex process to build a banking union in the European Union. Unlike the stress tests, the next steps in this project could create more divisions in Europe because national parliaments will be involved at a time when Euroskepticism is on the rise. More important, the stress tests will not have a particular impact on Europe’s main problem: tight credit conditions for households and businesses. Without a substantial improvement in credit conditions, there cannot be a substantial economic recovery, particularly in the eurozone periphery.

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Have you heard of graphene?

Peter Diamandis

Dr.Peter H. Diamandis is a Greek-American engineer, physician, and entrepreneur well known as the founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, the co-founder and chairman of Singularity University and the co-author of the New York Times bestseller “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think“.

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Graphene may be the next multibillion-dollar material, holding the key to computing, healthcare and energy storage.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a pure form of carbon that is very thin, very strong and very expensive.

When I say thin, I mean VERY thin – graphene is one atom thick (almost transparent).

And when I say strong, I mean VERY strong. For its very low weight, it is 100 times stronger than steel, as stiff as a diamond, and yet also flexible and even stretchable.

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