BUILDING THE ACQUISITION TEAM: 5th article in the series on M&A

No one person is likely to have expertise in all the areas required to make a thorough evaluation of business prospects.  You need to bring advisors on board, early on, whether as part-time consultants or as employees, to provide you with the expertise you will need to effectively screen different business opportunities.

Why You Need a Team

Some books may recommend that you take shortcuts in screening business opportunities.  I firmly believe, based on personal experience and available research, that you cannot afford to cut corners in obtaining sound advice before closing the deal. If you do, you may save several thousand dollars in the short run, but if you plan to invest your life savings or other large sums of money into what proves to be a money-losing proposition, you have lost much more money in the long run taking such short cuts.

If you develop an initial business plan that clearly spells out what you want to do and how you want to do it, and establish appropriate credibility, then you are more likely to raise some of the money you need to build the team.  It’s an issue of approach, not one of sophistication. Continue reading BUILDING THE ACQUISITION TEAM: 5th article in the series on M&A

Government in a national crisis–Greece

Alexis Papachelas is a guest editorial writer to The Business Thinker. He is currently the Executive Editor of the long standing and highly respected daily Greek newspaper “Kathimerini”. There are certain behaviors that simply drive you crazy, especially at a time when the country is on the brink of disaster. It’s maddening, for instance, to see the ease with which a number of fellow politicians criticize the likes of Giorgos Papaconstantinou, Michalis Chrysochoidis, Yiannis Ragousis, Andreas Loverdos and Dimitris Reppas, among others.

What airs some of them adopt when stating that they have been politicians for 30 years and “they know.” But who cares if someone has been a MP or a minister for 30 or 60 years? What has their legacy been other than political favors, appointments and intrigues? Do they feel successful because they spread the joy to friends and voters with borrowed money, without ever being held accountable?

It is so easy and convenient to sit back doing nothing and criticizing those who are hard at work because others didn’t do what they should have done when they should have done it. Even more annoying is the arrogance of some of PASOK’s “old boys,” who are trying to convince the rest of us that they know how to take care of the dirty work. They showed their stripes when they were in charge of appointing hospital managers and instead sent their cronies and the deadweights of the party to those posts.

Then there are the egos. The country is drowning and some of these guys refuse to sit at the same table with the others or openly ignore decisions taken by the prime minister and Parliament. Don’t they get it? Cheap populism will not save them, neither will their overinflated egos. There is absolutely no room for this kind of behavior; they need to get this, loud and clear. Continue reading Government in a national crisis–Greece