Exceptional Leaders Invent the Future-some observations

Exceptional leader-managers invent the future they don’t just forecast it. The Leader-Manager’s role requires a clear vision and ability to manage the process for the successful achievement of that vision. There is a constant need to challenge the status quo, but there is also the need to maintain a connection to the “next worthwhile goal”. The key and daring thing is to know when to let go of the past and present and move to the future. If we understand the industries and markets we operate in, perhaps we do not know the future, but our knowledge and experience should help us dare and design our strategy (ies) to move us forward to our “invented’ goals successfully. Continue reading

THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURING (4th article in a series on US Manufacturing articles)

We have been losing our manufacturing base at an ever increasing rate to overseas competitor nations. Large portions of American manufacturing have experienced a sharp drop in their domestic and world markets. Let me illustrate by looking at three pivotal industries: motor vehicles; electronic computing equipment; and machine tools. In the past couple decades the share of the domestic market held by domestic manufacturers producing in domestic plants has declined from approximately 80% to about 50% for motor vehicles, from 90% to below 60% for computing equipment, and from 80% to below 60% for machine tools. Exports have also fallen more dramatically in each of these industries.

It is hoped that we can find a way to put our talents together to deal with the very real problems facing manufacturing in the USA. My purpose here is to suggest ways to do so.
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